How to Make a WordPress Website 2016

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How to make a WordPress Website 2016

In this video blog post, Saad shows you how to make an amazing, professional website for free in 2016. This website incorporates design elements that are inspired by huge companies, like Uber, Apple, AirBnB, Spotify and more! Please check out the video, as you're going to learn much more than just to how to create a website. This website we are creating is going to be optimized for search engines, even before it launches. In addition, once you're done, you should have other online marketing tools in place, so you can hit the ground running with email marketing, which dominates every other kind of marketing in terms of its ROI. 

Be sure to check out the extra bonuses, like how to make a beautiful logo and much more...

2 thoughts on “How to Make a WordPress Website 2016

  1. In the Meet our Crew section, how to add a link for the linkedin profile of each member also?
    Also, how to add an icon for Instagram in the footer?

  2. Great tutorial!
    I have 3 questions:
    1. I have already build a website on Sydney theme. If I want to have a child theme installed as you suggested in your video, do I have to rebuild the entire site again on Sydney child?
    2. Is there a way to change the font and font size on the blog posts?
    3. Is it good enough to set up a business email through cPanel or is it better to have the paid one from Google in the long run?


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