Content Marketing

Content marketing is not a tactic to be isolated and forced to compete against other tactics. Your entire marketing strategy and plan should be content-driven.

Saying that and doing that are two very different things. With content marketing confidence and usage trending up, it’s not enough to just do content marketing. It needs to be done right to make your business stand out in a sea of content clutter.


Successful content marketing hinges on a comprehensive but agile content marketing plan. And since content marketing impacts every business function — not just marketing — aligning strategy and planning with your overall goals is key. Our content planning process includes an upfront audit of your company’s existing content marketing, and a plan for specific projects and continuous efforts.


A solid plan and strategy are key, but the follow-through is every bit as important, and creating enough quality content consistently can be challenging. In fact, year after year, an annual study by the Content Marketing Institute reports that aside from lack of time, content marketers consistently cite producing enough content and the kind of content that engages as their top challenges. Our content team works with you to create the content that will complement your strategy and help you achieve your goals.


Will your content attract the audience you are really after through SEO? Once those people find your content, will they turn into buyers? Content needs to be written for humans, not computers. With The Hamadi Consulting Group, your content is created by specialists who are a blend of journalists, marketers, and data analysts — experts in creating optimized content for prospective buyers at every stage of the purchasing process.


Don’t spend the time to create remarkable content if no one will ever see it. Distribution is a critical component of content marketing, which is why The Hamadi Consulting Group designs a custom distribution strategy for each client. The right distribution strategy increases your brand exposure, brings more traffic to your website, and helps you capture more inbound leads.


Reports aren’t just about how much content was created or how many Facebook likes you got. The Hamadi Consulting Group reporting and analysis incorporates web analytics, qualitative feedback, and social media engagement to measure effectiveness based on consumption, sharing, lead generation, and sales metrics.