Strategy and Consulting

Massive shifts in marketing approaches and techniques have left many people and companies in the dust. They were too slow to move, too skeptical to change, too proud to accept reality. The companies and people that embraced these shifts will tell you that a cohesive marketing strategy, derived from a well-planned business strategy, still rules the day.

In a business environment where it’s easy to “me too” your marketing and follow the pack, the real success stories still show that a great tactical marketing plan starts with a great marketing strategy, and that the best marketing strategy blends business, marketing, digital, content, technology, and people in equal measure.


Before you determine where you’re going, it’s important to know where you stand. Marketing assessments are a critical first step in your strategy and planning process. Done right, assessments address internal factors such as goal-setting and staffing, as well as external factors like competition and market environment.

  • Marketing Assessment
  • Social Media Assessment
  • Website Assessment
  • Content Assessment
  • SEO Assessment


Strategic planning is the most important step in marketing, and is the step most often shortchanged. In a rush to release the next big product or introduce a market-changing service, many business leaders forget that strategic thinking and planning — not tactics — determine the success of the marketing effort.

  • Marketing Plan
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Strategy Plan
  • Editorial Plan
  • Marketing Technology Plan


Marketing has changed, and with it so have marketers … but not fast enough to keep up with the rapid shifts in marketing tactics, consumer- and business-buying behaviors, and the growing importance of marketing to business growth.

Some organizations require an outsider’s expertise and perspective to guide the company through challenges like marketing planning, budgeting, goal setting, staffing, and measurement. The Hamadi Consulting Group can serve as your outsourced marketing department and provide general advisory services to meet these needs.